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Public and individual signposting for maximum engagement

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Keep your audience connected & informed
  • Create a public directory in your area of expertise
  • Make it a source of information your customers can refer to anytime
  • Share your online resources and your contacts
  • Advise and link to apps & websites
  • Simple to update and maintain
Signposting for individuals seeking advice
  • Create on-the-go custom directories
  • Respond to specific needs with personalised guidance
  • Increases engagement, satisfaction and self-reliance
  • Helps those less digitally confident to get connected
  • Ideal for Social Prescribing
Improved Communication
  • Create a consistent source of information across your organisation
  • Respond to enquiries efficiently and professionaly
  • Provide an effective guidance that gives independance to your customer
  • Overcome barriers such as digital gap, confusion and limited searching skills
  • Spend less time on individual cases and save money
  • Reach a wider audience using social medias to share your directories
  • Shappla is free, forever!

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Progressive WebApp technology
  • An application that runs on your browser
  • Cross-devices and cross-browsers compatible
  • No download needed, you can use the app straight away
  • Offline mode available
  • Fast loading and browsing
  • Install the icon on your home screen
  • Secure communications over HTTPS protocol
Directory Creation
  • Create your directory by adding resources one by one
  • Or upload your bookmarks from your browser

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  • Or let us create the directory for you!
  • Have you already got a directory on another platform? We will transfer your data for free with your licence!

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  • Use our collaborative tools to work with your team
Process Flow
  • The public access your directory either with its url, or through a search engine
  • Specific enquiries are answered by picking the relevant information from the directory
  • Your customer then receives a link through SMS or email, and access your custom selection straight away!
  • The unique Administrator Interface is fast to browse and simple to organise

  • It's easy to create a custom selection with fast drag&drop

  • Your customers enjoy a minimal straight-forward user interface
An example
  • A Traders association launches its directory to promote all its businesses

Visit Albert Road Traders Directory →

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